Members introducing - @Emma

Hi Emma,
I never remember where the thread was with your idea so I want to ask here:
Is the idea to have itroducings in a language area only from those members who are learning this language (or it is their native language)?

In which collection do you gather these?

Irene - I believe that this could go both ways. It will most likely be started as the person introducing themselves in their native language, but could move to those that feel their learning is advanced and can introduce themselves correctly.

I would do an introduction, but I don’t know what the program would be to record. I have no problem submitting an english introduction (my native language) for the use of others.

I am learning italian, and feel I am slowly becoming familiar with it. I couldn’t do a smooth flowing introduction at this time, but if I continue to practice with my friends in Italy, I feel I could submit an introduction within a month or so.

It would not be spoken perfectly or fluently, thus being the main problem I see with submissions for the learning language. I remember reading that she would have them submitted for review by a tutor to make sure they are correct first, but you can’t correct fluency or pronounciation mistakes in a recording like that.

Just my ideas of the subject.


Thanks Ryan, in the meantime I found the thread again and it is how you have written in the first chapter.

For the recording: in the language you are learning, you have to write your introduction, than bring to a tutor for correction and ask him or she to record. So I think is the idea. If you want to do this self you can do that too. And when they are any mistakes in pronunciation… I think we all are learners. I hope nobody will flout more the contrary!

It’s a good idea for the learners to try to introduce themselves. But I also think that learners should only learn from native speakers. The problem I see is: A learner listens to the text which is spoken by a non-native speaker. The non-native speaker makes mistakes, has an accent etc., so the learner will adapt these mistakes. That’s why nobody learns good pronounciation in a classroom, where the language is pronounced poorly by the other class members. So, in my opinion, the audios from non-native speakers should be declared as non-native speaker audios or shouldn’t be made public.

I, too, think that we should only have native speakers recording these introductions that go in the Library for others to study. Whether it be a tutor or the member in his/her native language. We should try and find a place for the original, however, since this would also be of interest to fellow members!

Irene, I am sorry I somehow missed to read this thread.

The reason why I came up with this idea was that I wanted Japanese learners to became more active in the community. I thought this could be the first step to write in Japanese. Therefore I meant I would only receive introductions from those who are learning Japanese. To learning these scripts, I also think native speaker should record. Although non-native speakers made corrections by a tutor, I think they would not be for study pierces for others. However, this is such a fun idea to have original versions, so I hope Mark can find a place to put them.

For now, I made a collection with name of the person, since I have to make three versions using different characters in Japanese. I put them in the LingQ Members category.