Member Since information incorrect

On the settings page it says I’ve been a member since November 22, 2010. I signed up to LingQ a couple of months ago and my first payment for the premium plan went out at the start of October. I wouldn’t mind, but it messes up the stats page a bit when I look at my All Time stats.

Are you 100% sure that you signed up a few months ago? Or did you just upgraded a few months ago?
Your account does show that you created LingQ account back in November 2010, but upgraded first time this October.

I registered an account back then although I don’t remember using it at all. It was closed back in Feb. 15 2017 according to my email history but LingQ must have kept some record of my account/associated email. It’s not a big issue, I can just fiddle around with the other parameters to look at my recent progress. I think I am just after a steeper looking curve to spur me on!
It’s also odd that it still has that record after the email I received said all my data would be deleted.

Good 9 year hiatus!


Time flies when you’re not learning languages!

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