Meet ups in Australia and New Zealand

Just a reminder that I will be in Australia and New Zealand in March. Anyone interested in a meet up?

Proposed dates for meet ups:

Auckland Mar 2
Melbourne Mar 9
Sydney Mar 15
Brisbane Mar 21

I hope to meet some LingQers and their friends. Anyone available?

The LingQ tour down under :slight_smile:

I’d be interested for 9 March.

I’m in Auckland and am most certainly keen to meet the Man Himself!

I hope there is at least one other person in the area also willing to meet up. Too bad none of my friends here are language keeners.

Any Aucklanders here??

March 15 sounds cool but what exactly will be happening?

I’m in Auckland! It would be awesome to meet you Steve!

Hi again. My wife and I will be at the following hotel in Auckland on Mar 2. Can we meet in the lobby at 6.30 pm? Looking forward. Please let me know if you will be there.

Aristotles North Shore
Address 20C Link Drive, North Shore
Auckland, 0627
New Zealand

Peter, any ideas on where to meet in Melbourne. We have not yet booked a hotel in Melbourne. Any suggestions on where to stay. We can then plan Sydney and Brisbane after that.

I’ll be there! See you then.

The Sydney date is now changed to March 16 if any of you can make it.

My wife and I are staying in Sydney at the following Hotel March 15 and 16.

AEA Bridgeport Apartments
38 Bridge Street, Sydney 2000 NSW
Ph: 02 9315 8066

Hope to see some of you. It looks like at least 2 people in each of Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

Let me know here or by email steve(at)lingq(dot)com if you can make it. Thanks.

I leave in two days for the Cook Islands.

Here is the Melbourne Hotel. Shall we meet there in Melbourne?

Lygon Lodge Comfort Inn Studio Apartments
Address 220 Lygon Street, Carlton, Carlton
Melbourne, 3053

That hotel in Melbourne is very close to my work, so I’ll certainly come along with my wife! Really looking forward to it Steve!

That works very well for me too, as I live on that street!! (although about 3 kms away).

Plenty of restaurants around there as well (mostly Italian).

Anytime after 6 would suit me.

I’m trying to imagine an Australian restaurant…meat pie and sauce? hmm

A pub counts as an Australian restaurant and, therefore, a “pub meal” counts as Australian cuisine :slight_smile:

You’re probably right there Peter! haha

I just realized that we arrive in Auckland late in the evening on March 2. The meet up will be on March 3. Sorry.

The Sydney date is now March 16.

@Eliot97. We will just meet and then go somewhere for a simple meal and lots of conversation.

I would like you guys to put up some photos of your meet ups just to show that the world and boundaries among people have become so small. Have a nice time!

Will do asad, and maybe one day we will have a meet up in Pakistan!

The hotel I am staying at in Auckland is far from the centre. Therefore the location of the meet up has changed. We are now meeting tonight at 7.10 pm at the Britomart station of the Northern Express Bus Line. Chris knows this, and nlamb89 is now unavailable. Anyone else, please go to the Britomart station.