Meet up in Berlin, October 26

Vera, her daughter and a few others will be joining me in a meet up in Berlin on the evening of October 26. Does anyone have any ideas of where we might hold this meet up. An inexpensive and yet typical local place would be ideal.

I am staying not far from the Rathaus, (City Hall) but I don’t know where Vera is staying. With the subway we should be able to get around. Vera may have her preferences as to location.

Any advice?

Anyone interested in joining us?

I’d love to. Are you looking for a restaurant or a bar?

For a restaurant I’m partial to Tucholsky Restauration at the corner of Tucholskystraße and Torstraße. They make food like my grandma used to make, hearty and traditional and delicious.

For a bar, how’bout Aufsturz on Oranienburger Straße? There’s a good mix of people there, so everyone should feel comfortable. Aufsturz has 100+ types of beer and a good selection of other drinks and some good snacks, all reasonably-priced. If we’re lucky, we may be able to get the back room to ourselves, need to reserve soon though.

It really depends on how large this group will be…

Ich wohne mit meiner Tochter im Hotel Kubrat in der Leipziger Straße (Berlin Mitte), nahe der Friedrichstraße.

Es wäre toll, wenn sich noch mehr melden würden, die kommen wollen.

Schade, werde ich in Berlin über Silvester. Würde es sehr cool hätte worden, einige Lingqers treffen.

Also schade, weiß ich nur klubs. Ich kann Sie nicht helfen.

Viele Spaß!


If you are in Berlin, you might care to visit the “Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand”?

You could put two red roses by the Stauffenberg memorial: one for the landmine in his case which exploded as planned, and one for the second mine which he unfortunately didn’t have time to arm.

(If the second mine had been armed, it is extremely unlikely that Hitler would have survived the assasination attempt…)

What do you say Vera, shall we decide on a restaurant? What about this Tucholsky Restauration place. It looks fine to me. Where is it in relationship to where we are staying? Once we decide on a place I can announce it on youtube.

@Steve: You can reach the Restauration Tucholsky by foot. It is just 1-1,5 kilometers away from the Radison.

A Restaurant sounds good to me, and as far as I can see there is a station close to it.

The closest public transport is Tucholskystraße bus stop, which is just a few meters from the restaurant. Oranienburger Tor (U-Bahn) or Oranienburger Straße (S-Bahn) are also close-by. You can find information on Berlin transport at, which includes the ability to input street addresses when you don’t know the nearest stop.

Tucholsky Restauration is quite popular in the evenings; we will definitely need to make a reservation.

id like to come ;D im an american exchange student living in berlin and im probably gonna go to the expolingua that day too.

So let’s firm up things for the Tucholsky Restauration. I can make the reservation by email or if there is a Beliner among us they could reserve. We will need to know numbers. Please confirm again if you are going to attend.

BTW as in Prague there will be conversations in the local language (German) and in English and even other languages as required.

If I don’t hear otherwise I will book for 5 people for the 26th.

It now looks like seven people. I will book tomorrow or Tuesday when we have a better idea of the numbers.

i will be there, consider this my confirmation ;D

Unfortunatly my father has to go to a hospital during our holiday vacation. I’ve to stay longer here in the Bavarian Forest to support my parents. I’m feeling terrible because of the illness of my father, and because I’ll miss the LingQ meeting.

What a disappointment! Although I won’t be able to be in Berlin for the meeting, I have been reading this thread. I am so sorry to hear about your father’s health problems. All the best for your family.

I am very sorry to hear this Vera, and I will miss seeing you and your daughter. However, the most important thing is the health of your father and the support you can provide to your parents. I wish them well.