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What´s your question?^^

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sorry my question is what does 早いもの mean is it saying the the “thing” of December has come quickly or something else?

I´m a beginner myself, so please take what I write with a grain of salt. ^^

“早いもの” means something like “quickly”. You could read “もの” as “もので”, which would “indicate a cause or reason”.
However, the rest of the sentence and Emma´s voice seem to indicate a simple statement. “It´s already december.”

Keep in mind that like Paul I am learning but I’ll see if I can elaborate a bit more…

As Paul pointed out, the second part of the sentence, 「もう師走です」, means “It’s already December”. Also, もので indicates a cause or reason. もので is a particle and refers to something that comes before it in the sentence - 早い. So the cause or reason that “it’s already December” is “quick” or “fast”. The sentence doesn’t state what is quick or fast, you have to determine that on your own.

In English, we wouldn’t express this the same way. You have to be more specific - “It is already December because the year went by so fast” would be an example of how one might express this in English.

thanks very much that makes more sence

Glad I could help. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to highlight together もの and で in the lesson with your mouse. This will create a new LingQ containing both words and you can create a hint for this. That way, the next time you run across もので in a sentence, they should be displayed as one LingQ instead of two.