Can anyone explain me the meaning of the following as per the meaning of the following sentences.

(1) Factor (They could factor the receivables of the various subsidiaries located outside of Canada).
(2)Lobbied (They too lobbied on our behalf).
(3) Given (You may or may not see as a happy coincidence given the professor’s own passion for hoping).

I realise that it’s problem for you Ahmed, that a dictionary explaining these words in your language doesn’t exist. You are going to have to rely on English-English dictionaries, and some of the articles you read are rather techical for a general dictionary to be very helpful.

Try these dictionaries:

Many thanks Helen.

In terminator 3 there is a prase “I live off the grid”, what does it mean?
Thank you.

Literally ‘to live off the grid’ means that you live without dependance on public utilities i.e public water supply, conventional electricity, sewer systems ect. and that you are capable of providing these things for yourself.

I haven’t ever watched the Terminator movies, so I’m not sure what context it was said in so I can’t really explain more than this.