Meaning of "quite often"

Hello, does anybody could tell me the meaning of the expression “quite often”
Tks to all

Hello andreabeck,
Do you speak German? It’s the same as “ziemlich oft” or “recht oft”. In English you could say “rather often” or “fairly often”. Don’t mix up “quite” with the adjective “quiet”, which means “still, calm”.
I hope this was helpful.

Hello Reinhard,
My native language is (Brazilian) Portuguese and unfortunately I don´t speak Geman, although I´d like to. German seems to me to difficult, speacially pronunciation. I noticed the german expressions you referred, and I liked that.
Regarding to the meaning of the expression, I´ve got the meaning.
Thank you very much

It means “frequentemente” in Portuguese :wink:

I would translate it by “bem frequentemente”.

Yeah, it’s a bit more than “frequentemente”, but I didn’t know how to put it in Portuguese without making it seem too much more than “frequentemente” lol, I think what I write is a bit confusing. Anyway I had never seen “bem frequentemente”, maybe it only exists in Brazil…

Yes, this expression is quite common (bem comum!!) in Brazil. Its meaning is similar to “bastante frequentemente” but this way of expressing sounds weird to me. “Bem frequentemente” sounds much better, much more natural, and to me is the best equivalent to the “quite” idea.

lol To me neither the first one, nor “bastante frequentemente” sounds natural, it’s cool to note these differences in speech… Anyway, “frequentemente” is also a big word for big talk lol and I would rather say, “muitas vezes” or “todos os dias” or someting like that… Anyway, I think I’m pulling you out of the original theme, sorry :wink:

Well, I believe this discussion is yet inside the original theme, so I’ll keep it a little more.
Actually, I don’t think we say “frequentemente” too often around here. It’s a word more found in written Portuguese. Otherwise the usage of “bem” meaning “quite” is very common in spoken Brazilian Portuguese. I’m very surprised you didn’t know this.
And you’re right, the differences between Portuguese used in Portugal and Brazil can be quite interesting.

Well, the problem isn’t that I didn’t know that in Brazilian Portuguese “bem” usually covers the meaning of “quite”… The problem is that I really don’t know how to render the word “quite” into Portuguese… I think it depends on the expression. I think it’s quite complicated :slight_smile: I wouldn’t translate it with “bem” there, would you? Yeah, you’re right relatively to “frequentemente”… It’s too big a word for anyone to say in casual conversation, but I think it frequentely used in more polite settings. (Acho que é usado mais frquentemente em situações formais/ acho que é usado mais vezes em situações formais) That’s two ways to say it here, and actually I don’t find any of them to be very casual or very big.

I think it’s quite complicated → YES, I would say “Eu acho que é bem complicado”. It sounds quite natural in Brazil. :slight_smile:
I could say that in every 5 minutes conversation anyone would use something like that at least once, because it’s a very, very common construction for us.

Hahaha.2 words can cause such a hot may because u r 2 hot smart brazilian girls ))i dont understand port.or braz but u made me laugh