Meaning of "Can I help you with cheating on my beach"

The sentence is as follows:

You know kido. There is more to life than watching other people live it.Can I help you with cheating on my beach.

What on earth are you reading? The questions/sentences don’t make much sense. Perhaps something a little simpler might be easier/better for learning?

Yeah, we’ll need some more background.

I’ll guess that one person wants to help another with cheating either at a game. Or perhaps cheating means being unfaithful to a wife or girlfriend.

Kido is a colloquial word meaning ‘kid’ it’s what someone older or more experienced would say to someone younger. Also your last sentence probably has a question mark at the end of it in the original material.

thanks blindside70.

Where does the quote come from? It could be a slur. For latinos, pronunciation of “beach” and “bitch” can lead to some interesting entanglements. Hmmm…

You know kido. There is more to life than watching other people live it.Can I help you with cheating on my beach.

the term kido is a colloquial for the term kid or young child.

“There is more to life than watching other people live it”… on this line the person talking to the kid is telling that it is not bad to observe how other people live their lives and he offered to the kid his own time and experiences. The “beach” on the second line means “life”, we all know that on the beach there are many people, the sea have waves and there are sands and stones that can get into our slippers. All of this is similar to our lives. In our life, we met a lot of other people, we face our own “waves” or problems and even though we do things to protect ourselves there are still some “stones” or “sands” that enters our lives and gets out of hand…

I guess this quote came from a film or something as the sentenses looks like a part of conversation… It is hard to help unless you give us the context as I suppose the “my beach” would have specific meaning in the context.

This sentence comes from the movie “Hitch”, staring Will Smith and Eva Mendes. Eva played a kind of pap ( photographer) who works for a sensationalist newspaper.
In this scene, she is telling her boss that, during her vacation in a famous seaside resort, she had the opportunity of taking photographs of a celebrity who was cheating on his wife.

Isn’t it good to know that there is quality viewing to be had! Thanks for filling a gap in my life.

Hitch was actually a pretty good movie, for a chick flick.

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