Maybe filter/labelling could be improved

I am working on Spanish at LingQ, and I think it is a great resource.

However as an upper intermediate I want to focus more on Spain Spanish as I will probably be going there soon. When I select ‘Spain’ as a filter it is very inefficient in eliminating the Latin American lessons.

I know that all Spanish audio will benefit me. However the purpose of this post is not to debate whether I should be listening to lots of different accents.

I am simply wondering if this filtering feature be improved in the future.

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We have had a better filter system before. The accent were a separate field in the library. Bbut LingQ decided to put everything into the tags with the result that the filters became more or less worthless :frowning:

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Really? They should change it back. Accent or country filtering would be perfect.

The Library seems to be broken today. I can see no lessons at all. It is possible to select a new course but this link displays nothing regardless the filters:

You are right Ress, I’ve just reported it to our developers. Thanks for letting us know.

The library issue is fixed now. Thanks again for letting us know about it.

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