May the force be with you: The FORCE Cycle

The FORCE Cycle - Phase 1

The FORCE Cycle - Phase 2

so, what do you think?

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Excellent videos from an excellent teacher !
But, as Imy has mentioned it, we need an active social life in the target language to use the “FORCE method”.

I am sure Keith is a great teacher. However, the problem with the social approach, from my point of view is, as pointed out here, that we need to develop a new set of friends for every language, and drop our existing social life, professional obligations etc. If my wife, for example, does not speak these languages, it becomes a little difficult to socialize with these language speakers enough to really make any progress.

I must admit I am not that much motivated to learn the key socially useful phrases at the beginning, since I am not planning to be socially active at the beginning. I really enjoy my listening and reading,choosing things that I like, fitting it in where I can, especially as I progress and it gets more and more interesting, enabling me to learn more about the language and culture. At some point I will have the opportunity to interact with native speakers, and at that time I can brush up on socially useful phrases if I don’t already have them.

To each his own.