Maximum words for Google Translate in Android app

So, while reading in sentence mode on the Android app, the Google translate button does not work for any sentence past a certain length (seems to be anything longer than 4 lines of text on regular text size).

Is this a known bug or something I can fix?

Which device and Android version are you using? Can you let me know example lesson in which you noticed the issue?

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S20 running version 4.9.13

I have noticed the issue in two ebooks that I have imported. One is in Spanish, the other Norwegian, but the issue is present in both. On shorter sentences, the “Translate Sentence” button works fine, but with any sentence longer than four lines, nothing happens when I hit the button.

I have tried on longer sentences on public lessons and it wasn’t a problem, it seems like it is only with these ebooks I imported.

Can you please send that lesson to me on support(at) Thanks!

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Please forgive the question, but how exactly do I send a lesson to an email address?

Actually don’t worry about it, I was able to reproduce it on other lessons too. I’ll let our Android developer know and we’ll have it fixed in the upcoming update.

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That’s so great, thank you Zoran!