Maximum audio file size you can import?

What is the maximum audio file you can import onto a lesson? I went to import a movie from Netflix so I downloaded the subtitles and recorded the audio for it. Copied the subtitles and imported the lesson fine, but when I go to add audio I add the recorded mp3 and click save and nothing seems to happen, it just gets stuck on that screen.

Note: I can’t remember the exact file size but the mp3 is about 1 hour and 40 minutes long (I can check file size when I get home if necessary)

I remember I tried to import an audio longer as an hour. The interface throwed an error because the audio is longer as 60 minutes. Try to split your file, by the way you may save them with 64 or 128 bps to make the parts smaller.

Ok so after digging around a bit further I found out the maximum file size is 60 MB.

I found an online audio compressor that cut a 1 hour 40 min film file size from 125 down to about 22MB (at the cost of audio quality so its a trade off) for anyone that wants to import full audio of films

If you listen this mp3 file in your pc, you dont even need to upload the mp3 in lingq
Create a global key for your audio/video player. I prefer Alt+Space which is so near to space :slight_smile:
You can also use “space” button for this purpose but i dont recommend u.

If you play this mp3/mp4 file in an ipad/iphone, you can use GOM player. You can continue listening where u left. and you can adjust fast forward and rewind seconds. I recommend u listen with your earphones so, u can start/stop with mic key.

These are the easiest way i found so far.