Maximize your language when and where you want; online Arabic courses, less than 9$/ hour!

Online Program
We offer an affordable online Arabic Language course. We can help you maximize your Arabic language skills; quickly, affordably, and in the privacy of your own home with professional teachers.
• Simple to use online one-to- one classes
With both video and audio
• Flexible lessons time to study at work or at home.
• Less than 9 $ per hour one to one lessons.
• Our account is Arabeya_online@skype
• For more information please check

Email :
Phone : (202) 2578 9732


Probably. It is not offensive, and if this service can help people I am not too concerned. If it becomes repetitive we may have a problem. What do others think?

It sounds pretty good. Other forums would certainly block advertising like this but it is up to the discresion of the owner I guess. Perhaps a separate section where people can announce their services could benefit LingQ by allowing these other tutors to “use” the LingQ interface - the benefit to LingQ would be that it inherits the audio / transcripts for use within it’s own userbase???

Maybe Lingq could do the same kind of advertising on the forum of this site.