Mature words on LingQ

I’d like to know how many words are mature on my LingQ. I’ve know 4,500 words on Lingq but, how many these words I’ve reading over and over?

That would be a good feature, but you can see how many “coins” a word is worth (min 1 - max 5) and although that doesn´t directly tell you how often you´ve read it, it indicates how common it is, which should correlate strongly with the former. For Beta languages this feature doesn´t work though and all words are just worth 1 coin.

I think the philosophy of LingQ and the reading method in general is somewhat counter to the the idea of “Mature Words” that Anki and other flashcard systems are based on. The idea here is that if you use the language regularly through reading and listening (and of course speaking) “mature words” don’t really matter, because you either understand something in the moment or you don’t, and if you don’t understand it, you can look it up, and if you do, you can just keep reading. Words mature on their own as needed.

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Yes if you have created a LingQ on Vocabulary. I’ve know 4.344 words and I’ve created 1.415 Lingq’s on vocabulary.

I would like to know how many words are mature among the 4,344 known words

I agree. But the overall known words count (without mature count) can mislead us.

It will only mislead you if counting known words is your main objective. But if your objective is overall comprehension, the known words count serves as a good indicator of your progress – especially as you compare it to your overall “Words Read” count.

In general, you’ll probably need to read about 2 million words in order to confidently mark enough words known to clear the Advanced 2 stage. In my experience, once you clear Advanced 2 you can pretty much read a contemporary paper book and understand it just fine. That’s kind of the whole goal on LingQ. It’s really not about the word count – that’s just there as an indicator.


Can someone fill me on what the hell a “mature” word is? Thanks!

When you read a text you come across some words like “get” that will appear in several texts that you will read next. So ‘get’ is a mature word because you’ve readed millions and millions of words and ‘get’ has repeated over and over.

If I know 4,344 english words how many this words is really mature and I’ve readed over and over?
Maybe within this count there are many words that I don’t even know or have already forgotten because I readed it only once and saved it as a known word.

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I think a ‘mature word’ is a word that is sexually explicit or profane and thus inappropriate to use around children.

That does not seem to be how people on this thread are using the term though lol

Yes in general language !mature word" would usually be taken as being profane. The definition of a “mature word” that the poster of the thread is using here is from a specific language learning program that has it´s own definition for a “mature word”.

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I think the OP is referring to way Anki designates “Mature Words.” If I’m not mistaken, in Anki’s SRS system words you have repeatedly identified correctly over their SR periods get labeled as “Mature” meaning they’re most likely in your long term / permanent memory now, so you don’t need to refresh them.

LingQ of course has some flashcard / SRS functionality which you can use, but it doesn’t designate words the same way as Anki because it works on different principle and mainly encourages reading and listening for input based learning as opposed to memorization.

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