Mass Ignore Words, or Native Language

I am importing a transcript that is Bilingual (Japanese and English) and wanted to know if there is a way to highlight all the English (Roman alphabet words) at once and click ignore, or if there is some setting to ignore English words.

The only other option I can think of is to translate the English portion but I’m worried about how natural it will come out, or to leave it out altogether which would make the reading feel like it’s missing something.

Otherwise I replace the English portion with a one sentence summary which shouldn’t be too much work to hit ignore for each individual word.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, at the moment that’s not possible. You will need to ignore words manually.

Thank you

Nope, that’s why I don’t import bilingual stuff. If I do, I convert them as text before and then delete all the language I don’t need. Then you can read with some function as side by side, for example on iPad or other computer, with LingQ on one side and another program with your bilingual text on the other side.


Good idea on the side by side viewing, I will do that

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