Mark's Gillette video commercial

By the way, Mark may be starting a new career :)). He was asked to do a commercial for Gillette razors that involved a hockey player who was a little smaller (and quicker) than the average, which also happens to be the case in real life. This commercial has been airing on TV in Canada during the play off season.

Cool :slight_smile: I like the last name of the player #23 :slight_smile: Scissors :slight_smile:

I like that commercial! Funny, witty, very well produced!

Wow! Mark, this is really cool … Congratulations!!! … I just happened to see the commercial today … I did not have the chance to see the TV commercial here in Calgary…

I’m impressed :slight_smile:
Thank you for letting us know.

That’s cool.
We only hope Mark won’t abandon us at LingQ to become a TV star!!!

Wow!!! Now I know how he looks like :slight_smile:
I like it very much. I hope I can see it in Japan.
(Obviously he still has fans in Japan)

Thanks for the posting it! :slight_smile: Emma, I don’t think you’ll be seeing it in Japan any time soon. It’s only probably going to be shown in hockey markets. I was told Canada and maybe the US and Russia. I did have fun doing it! …wait is that my agent calling…? :wink:

Oh my god, i’ve totally seen this commercial and I laughed my tail off when I saw it for the first time. It was really funny and is true to the sport of hockey and the NHL playoffs. Great job Mark.

  Unfortunately my Toronto Maple Leafs are not still playing, but I am still glad to pull for Detroit to repeat their title.

No-no, Mark, that is fans of you as a movie-star calling :)))

Congratulations, Mark. It’s great!

“shown in hockey markets. I was told Canada and maybe the US and Russia”

Now Steve has a great conversation gambit for when he wants to practice Russian: “…did you know my son is the Gillette guy?”

I am not a great watcher of TV, but I asked my dad has he seen any hockey related Gillette commercial during the last World Hockey Championship and he says “No”.

It’s always nice to have fans! Thanks for all the kind words. :slight_smile:

Ohhh, that’s too bad. I wanted to see it in Japan so that I could tell everybody. The Gillette guy in Japan is Daisuke Matsuzaka now… Oh, well.

Haha, very well done! How long did it take to shoot and produce?

Daisuke who? Never heard of him! What about me?!!! :wink:

Chris it took a 14 hour day to film it, at a local hockey stadium. All condensed into 30 seconds. It was a fun, interesting experience. I don’t think there will be too many hockey commercials shown in New Zealand…sorry. :frowning: