Marking words known, word count does increase but number of Lingqs in lesson only changes briefly and then returns

I have several lesson that I’m working through in the Spanish Stories. I like to work a story down 5-10 words and then move on for a while, returning later. As I mark words known, my word count increases but the lingq count in the story remains the same. Anyone else have this problem?

Do you mean when you leave the lesson and look at the lesson in the listing, the LingQ count there doesn’t increase? I think that could happen because words that are known from the beginning (i.e. you have never seen them as yellow; they were unknown and you knew them immediately) don’t count as LingQs.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Actually, it’s the opposite. I’m wondering why my LingQ count is not decreasing when I mark LingQs as known.

Oh. Well the LingQ is what holds your definition and notes on the word. If you "K"now the word immediately, no LingQ is created or needed because there is no hint to store. When you make an existing LingQ known it doesn’t delete the LingQ, because you could have information on it (and I’d have to say I am glad for that). However, if you X a lingqd word I believe that deletes the LingQ (for some purposes), so maybe it would work to X a LingQ and then K it. Tedious though.

I guess in short the LingQ count can’t be taken as the number of words you haven’t learned yet…