Marking multiple words at once as known

I am an intermediate Japanese learner and just recently found out about LingQ. I like the concept, but I am not sure I want to afford to pay for the service yet, so I created a free account to get a better idea.

Since I already know ~2-3k words in Japanese: Is there any way to mark multiple words or even complete texts as known? I wouldn’t want to spend days marking known words, when I instead could import already known texts and tell LingQ, that I have 100% comprehension of those.

Under the settings you can enable (or it should be already enabled by default on your new account) “Paging moves to known” option.
If you have it enabled, there is no need to click on each word to mark it known in a text. You just need to click on words which you want to save (make them yellow - LingQs). All other blue words will be marked as known automatically when you move on the next page. Also, once when lesson in completed, even if you have that option disabled, all the words from a lesson will be marked as known automatically.

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Thank you for your reply! That wasn’t obvious to me, but exactly what I was looking for!

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