Marking composed words


I have a problem here with Chinese (maybe also with other languages. Not tested):

A very simple example. Let’s take this sentence:
我 并 不是 必须 得 告诉 你

Let’s assume that I don’t know what 并 nor 不是 mean in this context. I check my dictionary and I find out that the three characters should be grouped to 并不是. So far, no problem: I mark the three characters and add them as one word to my list of learned words (yellow).

Now, the problem: Lingq still insists that 不是 is a blue word (in addition to the yellow word 并不是). How can I get rid of that? I don’t care what 不是 means. In this sentence, I am only interested in 并不是.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Reus,
I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with this, You are not able to change blue words within a lesson, but you can always create LingQs of characters you want if you highlight them all together. If you want to get rid of blue word in which you are not interested, simple click on that word and then on “Ignore this word” button.