Mark & Team: I love LingQ and am fully satisfied

Hey Mark & Team,

I know you guys deal with a lot of complaints when you review these threads.

Just want to say that I don’t have any complaints about LingQ.

I’m excited that you’re working on some major updates, but I’m totally thrilled with what you’ve already created and I can’t imagine my life without this program. I see myself as a subscriber for life!

Thanks for all your hard work.


I agree to this!
LingQ is by far the best resource i found for learning languages.


Good to know, but I am trying to import from my youtube sources at this very moment and it is not working.

Import failures are way too common. Those frequent issues added to the difficulties to import books (legal ones bought in amazon) are making me think very seriously about my subscription.

Where do you rate your current skills in German since you joined it? And, to what extent do you think Lingq helped you to achieve this despite it has so many technical issues to deal with?

Don’t buy your ebooks on Amazon. You can’t break their DRM anymore unless you’re using an older version of software.

Use another ebook distributor where you can still break their DRM with the software solutions.

Kindle books are relatively cheaper I suppose and in some cases free of costs.

True. And you can’t get them into LingQ easily unless you’re running the older software.

I’d rather spend $50 to read a foreign language book and harvest it for my language studies than I would read for free and not harvest it all.


This is the issue. I would say my current skills are at some point between A2-B1 and no doubt Lingq helped me to reach this point. But now have to work with this B1-B2 material (books and long audios) that cannot be imported here. If I don´t go with this graded material I bought, and keep watching just short youtube vids (the only thing I can do here) I think my progression is going to be slower.

Lingq is kind of a very useful hardware that cannot read all kinds of software. And the software I need right now is not supported by lingq.

When I remember the process of learning english and italian (which I did without lingq) I do think that lingq has made it more efficient in this initial stage, but it would be a bottleneck if I limit myself to use the content that can be brought here.

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True. Your language learning process should be supplemented by other sources as well in conjunction with LINGQ. I am a business student in Germany learning the ropes of business so I know a little bit about the cost-benefit relationship. Given its basic functionality vs comparing other language schools like Goethe Institute and its ilk, you are still paying peanuts in comparison. Moreover, they do not offer lifetime membership at a reasonable price. In the end, pain points are balanced out by pleasant points.
This DRM removal thing is not the fault of LingQ per se so maybe as the previous user has suggested try using a different e-book distributor.
I just scratched the surface here when it comes to using content on LingQ and it will keep me busy for a few years. Again, your interests vary so you need to hunt and import content accordingly. In that department, we all are different so yeah your criticism has some valid points, and hopefully, they will be addressed in their upcoming version.

I like LingQ a lot and it works well for me in the way I use it. I don´t expect it to be an all-encompassing way to learn, but it is extremely good for increasing you vocabulary for one thing, it has good systems to motivate you to learn (maybe too good cause you can really lose yourself in trying to get higher and higher known words counts for example) and it does have a lot of material and fairly good importing options. The fact that you can both read and listen to text is really good in improving listening comprehension.

I think the main downside for me has been how it´s gotten me to get too much into the game of accumulating known words through reading instead of listening and writing more. That´s not so terrible however, cause I can always catch up and then the vocabulary acquired through reading will always help my listening, writing and speaking.


Agree one hundred per cent.

LingQ is the best single piece of language learning software ever.

I suspect many of the import problems people have are beyond the software’s control; maybe the next iteration will address some of these.

I have managed to find tons of good quality material in Portuguese, and Spanish, in particular novels, but other public domain items such as doctoral dissertations I am interested in, etc. So I have more than enough to work with.

Addendum: Not saying it is perfect but I can’t think of a single digital language learning program or app that is better.


I’ve been a subscriber for about two years, starting out as a beginner, and I’ve always been left satisfied. I haven’t used LingQ much lately as I’ve been working through movies and TV shows in my target language, but that was essentially my goal anyway. I’ll be back soon for beginner Russian!


LingQ is the best software I’ve tried. Way better than duolingo. However there are downfalls to it. If you’re willing to get past those downfalls which in my opinion aren’t bad LingQ is great. It did take me at least 3 months to learn how to use it the best for me. I think that’s where people who just start out have problems. There isn’t really a set course to follow Like Babbel or duolingo offer which is what i couldn’t get the hang of at first.