Mark & Steve Wish List Item #1

Strike a deal with Amazon (or any other ebook publisher) for a special Kindle/Lingq edition. We would then be able to buy a book in Italian (or any other language) that we could load once into Lingq and that could not be shared.
Many benefits to both companies:

Lingq users would be motivated to buy more Kindle books (perhaps even their first Kindle book),

Readers would no longer be highly motivated, as I currently am, to find ways to beat the DRM copyright code.

Lingq would attract more users who just want help with their own reading choices. I, for example, would open a second LingQ account in French, a language Iā€™m no longer actively studying, but which I want to keep reading in.

Amazon would sell a few more books.

Lingq would get a lot of added exposure through Amazon.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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That sounds great. Alternatively, I wonder if it would ever be possible to have a Kindle that supports LingQ?

I like this idea too!!