Many problems

I think a lingq user should be able to upload a video to the forum directly, rather than having to go through Youtube.

That’s not the problem, though, the problems with lingq at the minute are numerous and are shown in the video in this message.

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Nice video. There are of course many other problems, but you hit some of the main ones. Is lingQ the buggiest site on the internet?

Just a quick comment about the automatic scrolling, this is an intentional feature of ‘Manuel Mode’ which you set at the beginning of the video. I like this feature since I use this mode for reading long texts and I prefer to scroll myself instread of it happeneing automatically. When it happens automatically, it looks to me like the page is shaking and I can’t read the text well.

I think the new word thermometer at the top should simply be removed. I also find it quite annoying.

I absolutely agree the word thermometer should be removed. It takes up space on the screen and doesn’t do anything.

A note to Lingq staff: If you insist on retaining this utterly useless feature, please make it optional.

I don’t think the thermometer is utterly useless since there are people who might find it motivational to see the bar change as they read the text.

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I thought that was why Lingq created the bar, as a motivational device. I understand that to compete with other sites there has to be an element of gameisation but I think the bar should be optional.

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The word themometer is a wonderful description for a very annoying “enhancement”. I’d much rather see it go away, but LingQ appears not to care what the experienced users think: The more childish and hand-holding the better! :slight_smile:

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In fact, if my laptop had not died last Friday, I would be using LingQ without the word thermometer. There is an add on for Firefox that some users use to edit the layout of the reading page. Here is how a lesson normally looks

and here is what it looked for me on Friday like with the changes made

I just got a replacement computer where I can implement these changes again, and Vera sent me the correct script recently.

Hi Bonnenouvellejonny,

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the time you took to make the video, it’s easier to see the problems you’re describing :slight_smile:

To start, it looks as though your browser is zoomed in to around 125% and that’s why the layout isn’t right. We’re working now to have LingQ optimized on all browsers with zoomed in or out not affecting much. But until then, I suggest sticking to 100% zoom settings for Chrome.

For the flashcard bug, is that still happening? I tried a few times this morning and didn’t have that come up.

@gregf having as an option to show or not, is a great suggestion. We do care what are users have to say but we have to try and consider all preferences.
Right now there’s a lot of learners who like that visual and use it as motivation to push themselves to keep progressing, which is why we have it.

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I would love to have that script, if you get it working again! Thanks!

Sure. I just did it. If you use Firefox, then first install the Greesemonkey add on. Then you need to install the following script

Under the option where you set which websites to use it for, you should have*/reader*

The script as it is will make the text box bigger, and remove the thermometer, the play buttons, and the background image. This has disadvantages too, so let me know if you want me to edit it a bit for you. You can probably also work it out.

I got it to work, thanks Colin! Unfortunately, however, I need the play button and access to the lesson settings menu (to chage modes and disable the terribly annoying sounds). Thanks for your help!

Yep. I don’t know how to get rid of the thermometer without getting rid of the lesson settings menu. If you want to keep the audio button, just delete or comment out the line = “none”;

I anyway listen to the audio on the iPhone app so I prefer just to get rid of the button on the website.

For the lesson settings menu, I don’t need it very often, so I just turn Greasemonkey off, refresh the page, make the change in the settings menu, turn Greasemonkey back on, and then refresh the page again.