Many issues with lessons today 5/3/23

  1. Once plugin is done importing the video it says I can “open lesson” but that just shows an error
  2. Cannot edit a lesson imported from YouTube using web browser plugin.
  3. audio from new and existing lessons not previously downloaded to my iOS device won’t download and play in playlists
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Additional notes: I tried importing a lesson manually with my own copy of audio and text. After Lingq claimed the lesson was done it proceded to a new page that said: “This lesson isn’t yet available for editing (full import in progress). Try again later.”

Aside from that error, the lesson was created successfully – and unlike with YouTube today, the audio is downloadable and playable on my iOS device.

I just imported a lesson from YouTube (like I do all the time) and it says the lesson isn’t available for reading yet. It won’t open.


Exactly. It seems like there’s an issue extracting the audio from YouTube. I’m guessing, however, if you go looking for the lesson under “Lessons” you will find it – or you will soon find it.

  1. It’s truncating my text. I have a text file of:
  • 195 lines

  • 2773 words

  • 16604 characters
    It doesn’t matter whether I upload the text file or paste in the text, but the imported lesson is getting truncated at:

  • 145 lines

  • 2103 words

  • 12767 characters

Sorry to hear that! I forwarded all of this to our developers and we will look into it asap.


Thank you!

Things are a bit better today, but YouTube audio isn’t coming into the lesson as it used to. Only the “play original” button to play both audio and video appears, but the audio is never available in a playlist.

And I’m sure hoping you fix the YouTube audio, because that was one of the most useful features for learning language by listening

I don’t know if you are aware, but when you import a YT video now, it no longer comes with the audio because it is against YT terms and conditions. Only the video is imported and you need to add the audio file yourself by using a YT to MP3 converter.

That may be, but so far Lingq support is not telling me that. And that’s a big deal. A big change. It seems that if that’s true, there should be a banner headline making Lingq users aware of that change


See this thread. Mark has explained this this himself. But you are right, it should be made obvious to everyone.

Mark may have explained it weeks ago in April, but the issue just now showed up this week.