Manually importing & splitting larger texts / longer podcasts doesn't seem to work anymore?

For some time now the manual import of longer texts with audio and the splitting of both (which Lingq reliably did) does not work anymore. The chapters of books + audio still get split into different lessons, but the audio doesn’t match the text anymore. Or some lessons are empty or do only have a few seconds of the audio. Same happens with longer podcasts.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am wondering. Do those manual imports of longer texts with audio still work for other users?

For the admins: Here are some (private) links of those import failures and i really would like to see this functionality restored. Thank you.

Can you please email us on support(at) and send both books from courses you posted? Thanks!

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Well, it’s been 14 days now. I’ve mailed support@ twice in the last two weeks, explaining the situation in detail. But as of now I have not received any answer regarding my problem. What should I do next? Some kind of answer from support would be helpful though.

I did actually replied twice on both your emails. Please check your spam folder, I am sure you’ll find answers there. The issue you mentioned is reported to our developers and we will get it fixed soon.

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Sorry for replying so late. But I checked the spam folder right away and there was and is no mail. But never mind: Whatever the issue was - could you guys fix the problem in the meantime? Does importing/splitting larger texts with audio work again now?

Update: I just checked. It still does not work. That’s rather frustrating. Could you give me a timeline? “Soon” means… exactly when? And as your mails don’t arrive for me please answer here. Thank you.

Quick question, with one of your examples:
Anmelden - LingQ
Source: Aprender español sin esfuerzo – 1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish

Did you imported the text through LingQ importer extension, and then added the audio later, or did you copy-pasted the text on the Import Lesson page and added audio together with a text right away?

I added the text and audio at the same time. As with all of mine examples, I did not use the extension. I used the “Import Lesson” page.