Manually creating a lingQ

It would be helpful if one could manually create a new lingQ directly from the flashcard and /or from the vocabulary page.

Or maybe more practical, to be able to open the source for the lingQ in the flashcard in order to be able to create a new lingQ out of that source.

Actually, there is a way to do this but it takes multiple steps…

click on edit
click on examples
click on the example phrase

A shortcut from the flash card would be helpful.

@pmilone - I’m not exactly sure what you mean here but you can always open the Vocabulary section in another tab and use the “Import Vocabulary” function to create LingQs as you use the lesson page or the flashcards. You can create a LingQ for any term using this feature.

I didn’t think of opening the vocabulary section in another tab thanks!

I haven’t tired the import Vocabulary function yet because you have to create a “cvv” file which seems like a pain to me.

You’ll only need to create a CSV file if you want to enter the word, hint and phrase at once. Otherwise you can just enter a single term then click “Confirm” and the LingQ widget for that term will then show up.

Ok thanks!