Manual mode bug?

When the QuickLingQ Mode is off and I press enter (or use a mouse click) on a suggested hint for a blue word, it creates a LingQ but doesn’t open the “lingQ card” (the dialog with the hint, dictionary buttons, etc.) like it did previously, and instead it keeps focus in the dialog with suggested hints.

This doesn’t really make sense. I can’t use the up and down arrow keys on the newly created lingQ to navigate the page anymore, and I can’t edit the hint that I just created. I hope this is a bug and not a new feature, as it makes the “manual” mode much less convenient to use.

Yep, I noticed this too. There was an update last night and this bug appeared straight after. It’s a real pain in the schnitzel.

Sorry about this. We are looking into it.

Also, when looking at the LingQ, the ‘View Dictionary’ button does not do anything. I seem to remember that it should bring up the last dictionary used.

This should now hopefully be fixed, let us know if it’s giving you any other issues!

The View Dictionary button should also hopefully be working properly!