[Manual Import Suggestion] Manually Import Image Files — Preferably Multiple images In A Single Lesson: Comics/Manhwa/Cartoon Strips/etc

Hi LingQ Dev Team,

I want to suggest an option for manually importing image files (e.g., JPEG/JPG and PNG) and image URLs* into LingQ lessons.

*Edited to add “image URLs”

I know LingQ removed the ability to add images to lessons a while back because they found it didn’t work for their platform (made it more cluttered), but in the case of Comics, Manhwa, Cartoon strips, or even street and restaurant signs within countries, it would be a cool and helpful way to implement images into LingQ.

I primarily picture using this for personal use (due to copyright).

Still, maybe some artists/illustrators in the LingQ community might want to upload their own stories (like a mini story) and images (a short illustration with text in a TL), and below the image can be the place to type a text version of the text on the image (the standard text editor so photos don’t have to be OCR’d or anything like that).

I would also like to suggest the ability to add multiple imported images to a lesson at once (in the case of comics with multiple pages/panels), but you could have a single page/panel be a lesson within a course that is the whole comic (for example).

(Note: It would be pretty tedious to import a single image as a lesson for a comic/webtoon/etc., but it’s better than nothing, in my opinion.)

LingQ can use visuals (video player box) when we import videos via the LingQ Importer. This suggestion wouldn’t be an entirely “out there” idea. It would just be (a) photo(s) instead of a video.

Image Option Under Manual Import idea:

Camera Clipart Credit: Simple Camera Clipart, Free Simple Camera Clipart - Camera Clip Art Simple - (512x512) Png Clipart Download

Importing Images Idea:

Edit: Additional Import Image Idea for Importing for Sentences in Lessons that Already Exist:

Note: Ideally this would allow for Manhwa or other comic strip Images to be Imported in existing lessons on existing sentences if the LingQ Dev Team implements this.

For now, I’m just putting the URL in the Lesson and keeping an additional tab open when I’m working with Webtoons.

Maybe I should just be satisfied with including URLs in the lesson and notes sections of sentences and having another window open for images, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put the idea out there for the dev team.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll forward this to our developers.

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