Manfred Spitzer's book

Hey guys,can anyone tell me where i could find Manfred Spitzer’s book titled"Lernen"translated in English?I know for sure that exist also in English but it’s difficult to find it.

“Manfred Spitzer says the brain requires repetition …and… novelty.” --Steve K. x 1,000

I assume we could all safely say we’ve read the book.

That’s for sure but maybe there’s something interesting into that book that could allow us to explore the brain more accurately than we do simply doing lots and lots of repetitions with a little novelty each time.

You can buy the book “Learning: The Human Brain and the School of Life” for about 80$ at someonline stores. Steve liked it and it might be worth reading.

Apart from that, the new books of Spitzer about digital dementia and cyber sickness are in my opinion unscientific biased outpourings of an prejudiced author with an anti digital media agenda.

ok thank.talking about those books you’ve just cited I can tell you i think you are right.But I tried to read some parts of Lernen in original(clearly I’m not able to read it entirely in your language)and I found it really interesting and compelling.

Each of us has a certain amount of prejudices and each of us builds theories and concepts around those preconcepts.Even the most open-minded scientist or learned man elaborate an idea that comes from his studies and from his prejudice as well.It’s only a matter of opinion.Saying that I’ve found either books you talked about not so interesting,at least not as interesting as Lernen could be.

I agree that everyone of us has prejudices and unconcious bias. But as a good scientist you have to be aware of that. What Spitzer does in his new books is selective citing of papers or parts of papers that support his anti digital media agenda, omitting contradicing positions by renowned scientists.

He is pretty partisan actually…In fact I didn’t like his books about digital dementia…I told you…however I would like to read Lernen…and maybe since you come from Germany you could even help me to understand it…oh almost forgot…I love your country