Mandarin Chinese mispronunciations

I’ve noticed a pattern in the Mandarin Chinese text-to-speech pronunciation. With words such as 信念, 信誉, 卸任, 兴盛, the first words should be be pronounce Xin Nian, Xin Yu, Xie Ren, and Xing Sheng respectively…but the computer reads them as Qin Nian, Qin Yu, Qie Ren, and Qing Sheng.

As someone who’s been studying Mandarin for a long time and has lived in China for 10+ years, I know what the pronunciation should be, but this will be a major issue for new learners. X and Q are very different sounds in Mandarin. I’ve noticed this happen with other words that begin with the “Xi–”, though these specific four are the ones that I keep coming across these days.

Which browser are you using?

Not using a browser - using the app

Android or iOS? If you are on Android, do you have Google TTS installed and set as default on your device?

Android - and yes! It’s all installed and up to date. I’ve been using the app on and off for a year or two and there have been no hiccups until recently…maybe in the last 2-3 weeks? 4 weeks? Something like that. And it’s only with words that start with Xi—. No other words/phrases have an issue