Managing LingQs by Choice or Automatically

I hope I titled this post correctly.

I am still figuring out the best way for me to review LingQs. One thing I have noticed, for example on the Cloze tests, when I finish the first run, the answers I got wrong usually appear first. If I get the correct answer the second time, it automatically advances to (2, 3, 4, etc, as in when to next review word). If I get the word correct the first time I manually advance the word (2, 3, 4, etc). Then, it may go around a third time reviewing only some of the previously reviewed words. On this round, the words automatically advance again (whether I had previously advanced the word or not).

My question is, do I deep going through the batch until there are no LingQs left? Or, do I stop when it returns to, for example, 1/12 (first word of 12). If I do this, I find myself having to change the when I review the word next as I some words end up on review in 30 days, when it is the first day I have seen the word.

Just curious how others manage their LingQs and if there is an easier way. BTW, I only use the Cloze and Dictation review.


I don’t review my links that often. Just the daily links. And I review old lessons and if the yellow words are familiar to me, I change their status from 1 to 4. I think it is more interesting to study new lessons. Frequent words keep coming back and eventually I will remember their meaning.