Managing "followers" and those followed

I notice I keep following people without actually going to their profiles and clicking to follow.

Does LingQ automatically add followers for us when we browse a profile or click “like” on the forums? I don’t need to follow so many people so I have to go in and manually unfollow them.

Have I missed a setting where I can disable this auto-following?

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Not sure but maybe it happens when you like the lessons someone uploaded.


That is a good guess! It seems very esoteric from the outside for sure! haha

To start following or to unfollow someone manually, you need to go to the profile page and click on the follow/unfollow button.
Also, you start following someone automatically each time you complete a 3 lesson of the same owner.

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Thank you, Zoran! This helps. I was trying to figure out why people showed up at random in my follow list. What is unusual is that a couple of them don’t show that I’ve followed them when I visit their profiles to unfollow. They don’t seem to be removable. I’ll just learn to overlook it! haha

Thanks for clearing up the mystery!

Yes the whole thing seemed weird to me at first, when I had no idea how all of this worked. I thought you always had to manually follow people and since I hadn´t followed anyone myself, I found it weird how a bunch of people seemed to have decided to follow me when I was just a beginner on LingQ who had hardly done anything to get attention.

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