Making sentences highlights the text by mistake

When i click and drag to make a sentence, it drags the grey sentence box and makes the sentence but also highlights all the words on the page as if i’m trying to copy text like if you highlight on a normal website. How do i stop this?

I can’t reproduce that. Can you please take a screenshot of that and send to support(at) Thanks!

No not really - that is far too much effort.

When i drag from the first word to the last word, the text highlights as if you were highlighting on a normal page. It also highlights as a LingQ phrase as it’s supposed to, at the same time. Just picture the text highlighted in blue like when you highlight on a normal webpage.

It’s not actually possible to highlight complete text in the reader, you can click and drag to highlight maximum 9 words and save it as LingQ. Which browser are you on?

It definitely is possible, but i’ve just disabled all my plug ins and add ons (firefox) and it seems to have done the trick so maybe something there was the culprit.