Making recordings

I would like to make some lessons for Korean by getting my Korean friend to make some recordings. However, after recording some samples on my laptop, the quality of the recording seems to be an issue. Using my built-in laptop microphone, the recordings are understandable but not very clear sounding.

I would like to ask Steve and anyone else who recordings, what do you use to capure your voice? Do you use your laptop microphone or did you buy one? What can you do to make professional-sounding recordings?

Thank you.

I bought a microphone/headphone set, which records quite nicely. The problem with recorded sound I have currently is with conversion to .mp3 by Audacity (the free sound editor I am using) at the specified bit rate, as the results are rough sounding compared to the original.

BTW, if I were to buy another microphone, I might try the kind that clips onto one’s collar, to position the mike farther from my mouth than a headphone mike is positioned. Does anyone use such a mike and find it useful?


I would just adjust the headset mic so that it is farther away. It must be possible to do that. Of course if you are recording spontaneous face to face conversations a collar mic would be better than a headset. I would also record directly into Audacity if possible.

Although not necessary, USB mics are a bit better than stereophone.

I’d suggest using a program called SUPER © which is a free and extremely powerful media convertor. Can turn a video or audio file into pretty much anything else and has a good choice of codecs. You will likely get better quality using this than Audacity’s own conversion program. Just save your recording as a .wav file and then use SUPER © to convert to the required bit rate.

You’ll find the download link pretty much at the very bottom of that page.

Thanks for all the answers and help.

dooo, I’ve tried moving around the microphone, so far w/ no real improvement. But thanks.

ishikawa87, thanks for the tip about SUPER. I’ll give it a try.

It seems to me that seoul123’s question could use more responses, especially about the microphone.

  • Does anyone have one to suggest?

  • Definitely a USB microphone usually gives very good results, as Dooo says, as it has a built-in driver. At least on Windows the default driver for a non-USB microphone produces a crackling background noise for me.

Samson Go Mic Clip On USB Microphone