Making Lingqs with phrases

HI total newbie here. Sometimes I’m able to make Lingqs with phrases and other times a little sign appears indicating I can’t do it. It’s fewer than 10 words so I’m not breaking that rule. I’ve got Premium so it’s not the 20 Lingqs restriction. Thanks for any help.

I just tried to make a LIngQ with only two words and it refused to do it.

I’ve worked out how to do it now!

Great, glad to hear it. Let me know if you encounter the issue again.

It worked for me on my iPad.

What type of computer or device are you using?
In an app or which browser?
In sentence mode or page mode?
Experiment by doing two words, then three, then four, etc.

I use a 13 year old Apple iMac using Chrome. Page mode. I’ve successfully LingQd a lot of sentences in the few days of my membership but every now and then it just refuses to do it.