Making LingQ words 'known'

Hi all, I am wondering how you guys go about turning yellow words into actual ‘known words’, do you gradually go up to known scale through flashcards or do you increase the known words by how much you see them in different articles?



I am also wondering, I mean if I am going to increase them gradually, then my time will be wasted just doing that.

I like to set words to known as I am reading a text. I don’t do it based on any specific rules, but just whenever I feel that I want it to be set to known. This is basically when I understand the word before looking at the hint and think I will understand it in other contexts. I find setting yellow words to known is one of the most motivating things I can do on LingQ.

When I read a text, I read once with the blue words selected, adding new LingQs until all of the blue words are gone. Next, while listening to the text, I read through using the arrow keys on the keyboard and pressing 1-4 as I update the words to reflect how I gauge my knowledge at that point. I press K for known for any word that I never want to see in a flashcard ever again.

This process is quick and lets me read and listen and see the words in context without talking my eyes off the screen or hands off the keyboard.

When reviewing flashcards on the mobile app, I use the same approach, pressing 1-4 often when I see the word, already before seeing the definition. I rarely use the Got it / Oops buttons and rarely go through the deck twice. I move on to reading and listening to more interesting material.

So typically a word goes through the five scales, but sometimes jumps straight to known or straight to 3 or 4. In Russian, which is a language with declensions, there are many forms for the same word, so many of those come again and again.

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I just make it known when I recognize the meaning without seeing the hint.

This hasn’t failed me yet.

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I dont use the diferent grades. I either know a word or i dont. When i recognise a lingq i change it to known, you can always click it back later. I also have the habbit of turning of all the blue unknown words before i start a lesson. I dont need a computer telling me i dont know a word, but that’s just me.

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