Making custom definitions

Hello, I hope this is the right place, I am having an issue where when reading I know what a certain word is but would like to review it later. For example, I don’t know the kanji of a name but know that that is their person’s name and how to pronounce it. I can see definitions given but often their aren’t any, so I can click on a dictionary like jisho which for many things will show me the meaning of the word and rough pronunciation. But I can’t seem to add a jisho definition to make a lingq or add my own when like in my example its a characters name and I know what it is even when the dictionaries do not. Any Advice? I am new to lingq and still learning so perhaps I just don’t see how to make my own lingqs definitions. I normally use my android tablet as well so the interface isn’t always the same.

When you select a word, you can create a LingQ by choosing one of suggested popular meanings (if available), or, you can click on the “Or, create your own meaning” option, and then first of your default dictionaries will open. You can then simple just add your own meaning in the translation field and save it. That’s it. Or, are you unable to do so on your end?

Thanks for responding, I don’t see that option anywhere. I can open the my default dictionaries but I don’t see any create a new lingQ. Checking the computer version I see that option, but I don’t see that anywhere on my tablet. There is just the community translations and then below those the access to dictionaries. This is an android device if that helps. Thanks

indeed, you need to click on a dictionary, then when it opens up you can type the definition at the top of the pop-up. It’s not as smooth as on pc and (at least on my ipad) there is no quick access to type in a definition

Ahhh Thank you! Somehow missed that.