Making a private course public?

I have created a few courses made from ebooks (public domain, from Project Gutenberg). I created them as private lessons, but I figure others might get some use out of them, too.

Is there a way to change the settings to make them publicly available?

Sure, you can share your course from the Edit Course page. Just open the course, then click on the Edit Course under the menu button (three dots). On the edit course page you will be able to select lessons and change their status from Private to Shared.

Not sure what you are talking about. This seems to be a reoccurring problem that frustrates a lot of users. I may be wrong, but in the picture below there is no option to make the course public.

Additionally, I saw your comment from a few months back regarding the requirements for a public course. I understand why Lingq would want users to have the audio, a picture, and other details to make a public course, but that makes the process rather onerous to the community that is (more or less) responsible for generating new content. For example, I noticed the other week that there were no new publicly available Hebrew Courses. I saw one update the other day, but the requirements for a public course are preventing new content from being published. There has to be a middle ground.

It is getting to the point where I spend more time creating a lesson, making audio for that lesson, making sure that the audio is synced with the paragraph etc, than actually studying on Lingq. And for what? coins? learning?

Honesty, I don’t see “many frustrated users” at all. Courses/lessons are shared by many people regularly every day.
Regarding the screenshot you attached, your first need to select a lesson/lessons you want to share. Just checkmark it and the option to change it’s status will be available.

perhaps that was a bit of hyperbole, but when searching how to do it, there are more than a couple requests. Its not an attack, just feedback. I will definitely try your suggestion.

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I posted many of the early Hebrew courses. Took me a little time to figure it out and then was quite easy. Once I created a public course, the additional lessons were easy. I made a bunch of them (sometimes paying others for content, sometimes doing it for my iTalki teachers) in the early days of LingQ Hebrew. (Search on my name?) Haven’t done any in while as there is now much more content. Have a bunch ready to go, but for copy-write issues…:slight_smile:

Fair, I haven’t done a new one with v5.0, but I think I could get it to work quickly. I was playing with it yesterday.

There is also a great Hebrew teacher (Alisa at the Hebrew Hub) who is creating classes for her students and letting them see her semi-private lessons. I’ve read a few Israeli novels with her class. She and Zoran got the “classes” feature working last year.

Thanks Zoran, that has solved one of my problems (changing a course from public to private). Is it also possible to change the image for a course? I have only just started importing some YouTube videos and combining them into a course but would like to use the channel’s logo - instead of the logo I inadvertently used the picture for the first video I imported). Hope this makes sense!

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Thank you for your comment, Darniza. I have now done it successfully.

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I’m having problems with this as well. I have added text, image, video, audio, level and tags. But when trying to change the status it says it’s only possible to do as a librarian? Has there been some change the last few months?