Making a LingQ that includes another LingQ

There is a small bug in LingQ where you can’t make a LingQ that starts with another LingQ. You can make LingQs that finish with another LingQ or include another one.

E.g. “This [is a] new lingQ.”

[is a] - is an old LingQ
You can make “This is a new lingQ” and “This is a” but not “is a new lingQ”

I realise this is not an urgent problem, but it would be nice to know whether this is a known bug or not, and if there are any plans to fix it. Thank you.

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This has been around for a while.

Great, I thought it might be, I just wanted to check that the administrators are aware of it, and maybe bump it up the list if possible. I notice it every time I use LingQ and although it doesn’t affect me too much, it would nice to have it fixed one day.

in the rare cases that this happens, I will either delete the original lingQ in order to create the new one or use the note box below the lingQ to note the change in meaning when another word is added.

Yup, we are aware of this one. We did look into it in the past and it was much trickier to fix than we initially imagined, so for now it’s been pushed back in the priority list. Hopefully some day we’ll have this one fixed :slight_smile:

Oh good, that’s ok. I appreciate it isn’t urgent, but yes hopefully it gets fixed one day.