Making a definitive guide? Brazilian Portuguese

Hey i had someone interested in learning portuguese and made me think, I really want to make a definitive guide of what to study here on lingq, basically here is what is absolutely essential on this site to go from absolute beginner to being able to hang out with people from said country and speak and understand stuff

Im in the process of finishing everything on this site in portuguese (im almost done intermediate 2, and this is my second time going through all the content added here) and i’ve added a ridiculous amount so i think i have a good knowledge on resources.

Anyways I was looking for recommendations on how to do this. Like im thinking of using a google document or something with links to each course and pinning it to my page.

What do you all think and do you have any suggestions?

EDIT: here is the beginning. Essential Guide To Learning Brazilian Portuguese Using Lingq - Google Docs


the problem is without a teacher or community or tests to pass it is up to the individual user to calibrate their level to the eternal quest for material that balances your level of skill vs interest in the material. Nothing is ever really perfectly* calibrated, which means you need to be able to muster at least *some interest, at least once you reach the lower intermediate level , which is where it starts becoming not obvious anyway. Every language has much more for beginner and advanced than for intermediate content, and navigating this long road is the universal challenge lingq is only a tool to help everyone conquer on their own

gotcha well im gonna finish it and pass it on . maybe someone will find it interesting. I mainly was thinking because there is alot of noise on this site. Im trying to study italian and spanish and i get overwhelmed, and maybe someone more advanced could pave a better path.


You can become a librarian in the language and get a badge on Lingq. I think if you can find books which are out of copyright (like the Portuguese Jane Austen) they can be curated quite nicely. I just don´t know enough about the culture to know what to search for (I like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but don´t know anything about films, books music etc)

if you want mma stuff check out sexto round. But there is no subtitles. but you could use the transcribe function since they speak really clearly


Thanks, great idea! That would have been pure gold to me when I first started Port. It’s even still helpful now because I didn’t know about some of those resources…

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See! thats was my logic. Im using this to learn some spanish and italian and its a bit overwhelming. I would of loved someone to be like…look this is what matters here. Im for sure going to keep finishing it, and adding notes as to why and whats important.

Im trying to be critical on the list and not just add everything i uploaded

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Wow! This is great! Thanks for compiling this info, especially with the hyperlinks embedded in the document. I am brand new to the site and am just checking out the free version currently. I was a little unsure of how to navigate the site and find good materials for my level. This is super helpful and encouraging. Muitíssimo obrigado!


Yea exactly! I wish i had this for spanish and italian. Especially spanish which has so much content its a little overwhelming.

I agree, I would love to have this as a type of learning roadmap pinned at the top of each language! It’s so helpful to get feedback from others on recommended critical materials. Thanks!

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I think the guided course is kind of like that, but its really not that great. Also i only did till intermediate 1 completely, hopefully i’ll finish the whole thing in a couple months. Let me know if you need any help till then!