Make your own LingQ's...German separable verbs

Can you make your own LingQ’s? The reason I ask is I am studding German and I cannot see how I can male a lingQ from a lesson of a separable verb when the “prefix” is at the end of the sentence and modifies the meaning of the verb that comes earlier in the sentence?

You can make your own - but it doesn’t really work in that situation where the two parts of the word are not adjacent. I tend to use the note section for these definitions - not ideal but it does work.

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I would do it like this: every time I’d encounter a sentence with an interesting separable verb which illustrates its meaning, I’d lingq the whole sentence and add as tags “sep” and the infinitive of the verb. I would review some “sep” tagged lingqs from time to time.
I would lingq the whole “Andreas passte auf den Verkehr auf” sentence and tag it “sep” “aufpassen”

Or you can just add this separable prefix like: passte… auf, stehe…auf
Then you can pay attention to the fact that we have to write and ro speak these prefixes separately from the verb.

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