Make Multiple Choice More Effective with Long Words

Here’s an example in German

a. never
b. shrine
c. outstanding, excellent
d. first

without knowing anything you can pretty much guess that the answer is C since the English translation is approximately the same length as the German word.

Maybe you could:

Get the length of the answer
Add other wrong answers that are ±2 or 3 characters from the length of the answer

Finally, I would like to see an option to be able to choose from more answers than 4. 5 would be good. 6 I think would be fantastic


Actually, this technique should be used for short words too. If you’re asked what “as” means in German, it’s really doubtful the answer would be 10-15 characters long. So on short word answers, show mostly short word answers too

There are many ways in which we could improve LingQ. Our issue is priorities, the greatest benefit for the greatest number of users. I do not see us spending programming time on this, sorry.

I think you were being too nice Steve. After using Linqg for a week now I realize how stupid my suggestion is – I now see that most hints can/could be quite long ( like “at, in, on, near; indicating time or location; toward” for “am” in German). However, I still think bumping up the multiple choice to 6 choices would be fantastic. Maybe some day