"Make it stick: the science of successful learning" by P.C.Brown, H.L.Roediger III, M.A.McDaniel

In a recent interview, Luca Lampariello discusses a book he read, which he said really helped provide a scientific basis for what he’s been doing all his life with language learning. It has the title above ‘Make it stick’, and discusses memory and learning techniques, and how conventional methods used in schools are essentially wrong in alot of cases.

This ties in brilliantly with Steve’s two talks a while ago on ‘interleaved learning’, as well as alot of other things Steve has to say!

The link is a really detailed summary of the key points that the book mentions, really useful as a language learner!!



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It’s not really a book about language learning and most of the material in the book directly related to language learning is really very poor research.

Most people will takes it’s message to suit their existing frameworks.

“Most people will takes it’s message to suit their existing frameworks.”

Don’t they always do :wink:

Yes, and this applies, pretty much, with everyone.

What I meant specifically with the book is that it takes a number of learning techniques and writes about them generally in a non-language learning context, such that anyone could see some parts of their own learning frameworks in this book.

The techniques like interleaving, reflection and elaboration - resonated best with me.

Anyone else read the book?

I’ll read the linked summary of this today

I just finished reading: Thinking fast and slow ; Focus (Goleman)
Next is: Moonwalking with Einstein