Make it sense to write a blog any longer?

More than a year ago LingQ encouraged members to write a blog. Friends saw you activity on the blog when they visit the community page and their own profile. Those were places where users often went through.

I thought for a while if it makes sense to write a blog, and then I started my own blog to report about new things that happens in the German part of LingQ. Also I wrote some articles about language learning with LingQ. I added some videos in English and German too.

Members who “friended” me could see the new articles when they check their profile or went to the community page. So they saw easily if there were new articles.

The community page is gone what a pity in my mind is because it was the side I liked the most! It had the most interesting things on one page. I enjoyed it a lot. And I think the access wasn’t too slow. Loading time of 3 to 5 seconds was okay for me.

Yesterday I saw the changes on the profile page. Now there are your activities shown instead of the friend’s blog. To have the own activities shown is interesting, but to loose the friends blogs is a pity. Also I came often across other interesting blogs when I went to profile of other users.

Now I can see the friend’s blog on the friend’s page. This is fine. But I guess that now less people will see that there are new entries on the blogs because you have explicit to go to this page. And you have to choose “Friends” to see only the blogs of your friends. Does it now make sense to provide information on the blog if maybe no-one will read it? I write the blog to provide help for LingQ but does it make sense to write the blog any longer?

My suggestion: To add the community page again on the menu! That would be great. I miss it so much!

I think it is easier to see other members’ blogs now. However I think that the search filter on the Friends home page should default to Friends, not All.

I didn’t even realize that I could still see the blogs on the friends page. I don’t expect myself to remember to ever look there, unfortunately…

Yes Chris, I think even experienced user will not see this. And new members don’t think about that they can filter their friends there.