Make a copy of a shared lesson

I want to edit a lesson that someone else has shared (so that the sentences are better defined for audio clips) but I’d rather make my own copy of the lesson and edit that, rather than the original, in case I mess up. Is there a way to do that?

As far as I know, you have to “build your own” lesson. I’ll tell you what I do. If anyone knows a faster way, please let me know. I do this a lot, and it is getting rather tedious.

  1. Download the audio (download arrow next to the play button).
  2. Import audio into Audacity and export again as MP3. (I don’t know why this is necessary because the downloaded audio says it is an MP3 file, but LingQ doesn’t accept it if I try to upload the same file.)
  3. Within original lesson, make the full text visible by using the icon at the top right of the lesson (right next to the 3 dots). Highlight and copy the full text.
  4. Use the Import Lesson function to paste the text into a new lesson and upload the new audio.

That works, thanks! Btw didn’t have to import into Audacity or VLC, it worked just fine with the downloaded mp3 (MacBook Pro, not sure if browser or system issue for you).

Good news. And thanks for letting me know that you didn’t have to change the file.