Majority vs Plurality

Interesting tweet.

Sorry Michael Moore.

But you actually lost the majority of the vote.

Also, if you had a preferential voting system in your country - then guess what? You would still have lost the majority of the vote.

Incite disruption of a democratic outcome - when you lose the majority of the vote?

That’s the tolerant left, at its best.

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Michael Moore is a fraud , a joke. I dont know how someone can listen what he’s to say, it such a waste of time ( and life).

And good point Iaing, leftists have one speech, but act in a total different way.

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You would think that the really, really big wake up call, for reasonable people, should come with the realisation that what the “tolerant” left is protesting and rioting about is — a democratic outcome.

But, but, but – we got a minority of votes and would have also lost (again) the majority of the vote even if we had a preferential voting system - yet we should change the rules of our system AFTER the election (change the rules after the fact to a plurality/non majority vote), and riot, incite violence etc. and then lie that we actually somehow won the majority.

Tolerant left. Nope, not even once, for reasonable thinking people, imo. Fraudulent doesn’t even begin to explain what they are doing.

Plurality vote is so easy to rig. Just run a million decoy candidates.

If the US had a preferential voting system the left would have lost even more under a majority vote wins system.

Keep rioting away, tolerant left – reasonable people are watching your actions and shaking their heads.