Main audio won't play


I’m using Windows Vista (yep), have the latest Flash player installed and my browser (Firefox) is up to date, but the main audio won’t play in any lessons. The sound files for individual words and example sentences will play without issue, but the player for the entire lesson doesn’t seem to load any audio.

Use the lesson below as an example.

The main player at the top of the left pane will not load any audio and, naturally, will not play any audio. I can, however, select single words and then play all of the audio that populates in the right-hand pane (single words and example sentences).

I know that the lessons have audio as they played without issue through Firefox on a different PC (not at my home). Also, Firefox is the only browser I use that allows for streaming media, so I’m stuck for now.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Thanks.

@foursnotfills - sorry to hear about that! To help identify the problem, would you try another browser just to see if it works?

So, I downloaded Chrome and the audio seems to load and play without issue in that browser. Must be something going on within Firefox. Hopefully I can figure it out.