Mailing list options don't work properly

despite I ticked all the mailing list options in my settings page, I’m no longer receiving any Newsletter, Special offers or Weekly reports in my email inbox.

It has worked fine till few weeks ago.

How can I get them back?


@grandemente - Sorry for the trouble! It looks like an email from a few weeks ago bounced for some reason, so you were automatically unsubscribed in the back end. I’ve now resubscribed you, so things should now hopefully be working properly!

now it works fine.

Can you forward me any special offer that I missed when the system didn’t work properly?


@grandemente - Glad to hear it’s working now. By the way, there weren’t any promotions that were sent during this period.

@alex - It seems that I’m currently getting only the daily LingQs. I’m still getting neither Weekly Reports nor Promotions. Could you check my setup out and advise?

Head back to the Settings page and make sure you also have a language checked under “Weekly Summary” to receive the Weekly Report. The Weekly Report is sent every Saturday, so be sure your settings are correct and let’s see if it gets sent tomorrow.

The “Weekly Summary” box had already been checked, anyway I unchecked and checked it back. Let’s see if it works now.

Just to clarify, these are the two that need to be checked:

Let me know how things go!

Well, both were already checked. The only difference is that I selected English as the language for weekly reports because I don’t master Korean… ;-o Take care

As supposed, no sign of weekly report last Saturday. Could you check it out and let me know? Take care

Thanks, we took a closer look just now and it seems there may be some issues with the weekly report not being sent to some users. We’ll be looking at this in more detail this week to make sure it is being sent out properly to all users next week!

Hey, I finally got them! That issue should be over. Thank you so much for your efforts. Take care

@Alex It seems that the problem of non getting weekly reports was back again. Could you check the email queue and see if there is any message stuck into? Take care

Certainly, I’m really sorry for the continued trouble with this! I received the Weekly Report myself, but I checked your account and see that nothing was sent. We’ll investigate here and see what’s going on.

No problem at all. Just let me know when it’s over. Take care

Hopefully things with our email provider should be resolved. In the meantime we’re still keeping an eye on this so please let us know whether or not you receive the email this Saturday.

Alex, I got a Weekly Report on Friday and another one on Saturday. 2 is better than 0, isn’t it? Let’s see what happens next Saturday. Take care

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: It appears one got stuck in the queue. We did look into this on Friday and confirmed again that things should be working properly, so it’s good to hear you got the report on Saturday. Let’s hope next week’s email comes as scheduled too!

Alex, that issue is back. Please check out my email queue and let me know. Take care

Yes, my apologies. I meant to notify you on this. It’s not an issue with your specific account this time, but rather an issue with our email provider so the Weekly Report wasn’t sent out properly last week. We’re working on this and it should hopefully be resolved soon!