e-mail from LingQ. Spoof?

A couple of hours ago (6:17 p.m., US EDT) I received a very badly formatted e-mail note with the Subj. line:

(user), see your weekly progress in (language_title)

It says it is “LingQ Weekly Report via”. None of the graphics show up properly. Is it from LingQ, or is it some kind of phishing? I can forward the note if you wish.

Sorry for the trouble with this! We are aware of this and it initially seems to be some sort of issue with our email provider (, but we’re following up with them and will get this sorted out. For now we’ve stopped this from sending out and will be sure to get this sorted out before the next batch of Weekly Reports emails is set to go out.

Thanks, Alex, for the quick reply. Please keep us posted, especially if for some reason the e-mail addresses have been compromised.

Will do!