Mach 5 Spanish

I’m trying to improve my Spanish listening and I want to torture myself by listening to some really fast speakers.

Right now I only know of the following:

  • Victor Kuppers
  • Odin Dupeyron

Do you have any more recommendations? ¡Estoy emocionado con lo que tienes que recomendar!



¿Qué tal Germán? HolaSoyGerman. - YouTube


He is hilarious! Thanks for the link.

Sí, es genial. Una lástima que dejara ese canal. Ahora tiene uno sobre videojuegos

LOL, he’s very good. So, if I understand him, could I say my Spanish comprehension is good enough? :smiley:

I have to say that I have to pay attention while listening, it’s not good for doing multitasking :smiley: