Lykke's Spanish Learning Blog - Autotranslation?!

When Lykke’s blog first came out I added it to my reading list using an RSS reader on Mac (NetNewsWire). Today my reader marked most posts as unread again and when I looked at some of the posts they were translated to pretty bad German. Some also have English mixed in:
“Falls Sie neue, all dies sind, Steve ist der Mitbegründer von LingQ und polyglott, der spricht 12+ Sprachen, eine Art von Sprache Guru, if you will.”
“und all die verschiedenen Dinge, die Sie tun können, gibt es in weiß, studying Spanish is becoming more and more enjoyable.”

The feed’s link as saved in the reader is: but when I click on ‘Open Site in Browser’ it changes itself to: Apparently it does the same when getting posts. Why? Is it some setting on my Mac I changed without realizing it or is it something to do with LingQ’s blog system? I did not get any updates for the reader in ages so if it’s some setting it must be systemwide. I don’t get any other blogs translated, and I follow quite a few on different blogging platforms (Blogspot, WordPress…).